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Summer Recap

Officially, there are almost three weeks of summer left, but it feels very over. And since I am happier during the long days, I do not welcome fall. Especially since it is followed by winter.

However, it was a great summer, full of family and friends. We had a week at the beach with the grandchildren and their parents and a memorable adventure in Nicaragua with our older son. Holding grandchildren's hands at sunset while they jumped the waves on an almost- deserted beach in Cape May, New Jersey and being stuck hubcap deep in mud on a rural road in Nicaragua were just two of the summer's many highlights.

Much to be grateful for.


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The end of summer on the calendar in a few weeks is not even close to reality here in the desert southwest. We won't stay below 100 degree until sometime in October. I look forward to a completely reversed calendar from most. I long to wear long pants again. I look forward to sitting on the back porch at midday without needing a fan blowing in my face. I can't wait to haul out the BBQ grill for a winter of outside eating.

It is interesting that where we live has such a strong influence on our reaction to seasons. Like you, we had a great summer of family time and a long road trip to the Pacific Northwest. But, most of us desert dwellers get excited when summer ends and fall and winter aren't far behind.

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