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Putting Away the Whites

My mother taught me that I can't wear white after Labor Day. So, putting away the whites is always on my Labor Day weekend agenda when we are in town. And, having spent so many weekends away this summer, we were happy to stay home this Labor Day.

We had a great weekend—dinner out with friends one night, dinner in with friends another, a bit of yard work, and a bit of shopping. And wonder of all wonders, four nights of eight-plus hours of sleep. Heaven.

On Labor Day morning, I gathered my whites. White pique suit, white jeans (two pair), white skirt, white wear-with-everything jacket, white slacks, white Capri pants, a couple of white short-sleeved shirts, and my white sandals. I threw everything (except the sandals) into the washing machine with bleach.

I whistled my way through ironing them in the afternoon because there was no baseball game to entertain me. By three, summer had been put away.

But not without a touch of sadness.


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I doubt if anyone under 50 (60?) would understand this. I do.

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