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Not a Great Week

My friend Mady used to say, "If today were a fish, I'd throw it back." I could have said that about this week.

On Monday, I had my annual mammogram, and there was a change from a year ago. It just needs close watching for now, but I didn't get my usual "I've dodged a bullet again" feeling.

On Wednesday, I had a chest X-ray for a persistent cough. It looked OK. While I was there, my doctor gave me a flu shot, and removed some wax in my ear. He had to work so hard on my ear that it became inflamed so he gave me a prescription for antibiotic ear drops. Then while I was in a meeting late Thursday afternoon, I began to feel awful. And on Friday, I gave in and came home early with the flu, perhaps a reaction to my flu shot.

But something happened to save this fish of a week. Yesterday there was a wonderful comment on the 70-something blog from almost 30-year old "Kate from Singapore".

Thanks Kate. You saved my week.


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I got mentioned on one of my fav blogs (!!) and I'm an elated fan girl, but I wished your week hadn't needed saves.
Hope you'll feel better real soon.


I read that you enjoyed Kate's comment and I felt bad because I love your blog, but I hadn't written a comment. Guess that's because I get a subscription, so I am not actually on your blog when I read the posts. I'm living between the US and Asia for work. Your posts have saved my day more than once and I wanted to let you know. Let us know what happens with the close watching post mammogram results...I'll be waiting and sending thoughts your way. Hugs! Kim

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