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Friday Night Lights

I'm not a big TV fan. I know there are many terrific shows, but somehow I don't get around to watching much. Exceptions: the news, the Academy Awards and baseball. A couple of years ago, I became addicted to Lost, but eventually it became too weird for me, and I lost interest.

I'm also not a big football fan. To me, it's a rough game with lots of people earning a fortune by trying to hurt one another.

So nobody is more surprised than me at how completely captivated I am by Friday Night Lights. It's not only football; it's high school kids getting hurt playing football. It's a Texas town where the houses of the team members have big signs on the lawn with the names and numbers of the player who lives there. A lot of the characters aren't so nice.

But enough people talked about it, that we decided to give it a try. We watched the DVD of the pilot, and we never looked back. At this point, we've watched about ten episodes of the first season, not even half way through. And there are two more seasons to go before we catch up.

Sometimes we almost get through an evening, but eventually either Peter or I will say, "Do you want to watch one episode?" And in a flash, we're in front of the TV.

Is it the excellent acting? The fast-paced plot? The up-in-the-air ending to each episode? A crush on Coach?

Try it at your peril.



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millie garfield

I'm a fan too. There is so little on TV that I care to watch - The news, "Friday Night Lights" and "Mad Men" are my favorites.

If you haven't seen Mad Men, take a look, I think you will get hooked. It's on AMC, Sunday night's and on the east coast it's on at 10:00 p.m.

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