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We Are Our Parents; Our Children Are Us

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My friend Susie recently reported that her nine-year-old grand-daughter Sydney had asked her why her skin was “like crepe paper".  We laughed about it.  Kids can be brutally honest.

I figured I had a few years until our young grandchildren would notice my “imperfections,” but I was wrong.  When we visited them last weekend, I mentioned to my daughter-in-law Katrina that my favorite tinted moisturizer had been discontinued, and my search for an acceptable substitute had failed.  She suggested that I try hers. And on Sunday morning I did. 

Later, driving back from lunch with the kids, Peter, who knew about my search for a moisturizer, asked how I liked it.  I replied, “The color is too light for me, but it’s got possibilities.”

From the back seat, six-year-old Leo, piped up…

“Well Grammy, you do look less wrinkly!”



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The honesty of children hopefully helps us to accept the reality of getting older!

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