A Public Apology


The 70-Something Blog is G-rated.  I’m just not comfortable saying much about sex.  After all, I am a member of the silent generation. 

However, I did have a few lovers in my single days (Mother, please don’t turn over in your grave and yes, children, parents had some fun in the olden days).  Still, I found myself somewhat surprised recently when in a single week:

1.  I read about a new drug to treat “female sexual desire disorder.” I guess I get that, a kind of Viagra for women. And then, 

2.  A day or two later, while waiting for a pedicure to dry, I picked up an issue of “Cosmopolitan,” just to see what young women are reading these days.  There was an article containing thirty-some short pieces of advice on how to keep your partner from being bored with you in bed.  Some made sense, but some seemed pretty bizarre.

Things sure have changed since the only way to a man’s heart was through his stomach.


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I occasionally look at magazines out of my age group..... and usually retreat quickly!

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