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A month ago, we had dinner out with friends who live in New York City on our way to the Jersey Shore.  At the next table was a very handsome and vibrant older man with a head full of white hair presiding over what looked like a family celebration.

When our friend Jack (who is a geriatrician) looked over, he recognized his former mentor and current colleague Bob Butler, well-known for his ground-breaking work on ageism and the winner of a Pulitzer Prize in 1976 for his book “Why Survive? Being Old in America.” Butler came over to say “hi,” and Jack introduced us.  I was thrilled to meet this wonderful gentleman who, at age eighty-three, looked like he could run a marathon.

Two weeks later, I recognized his picture in the newspaper, and was shocked to see that it was his obituary.  He had died of acute leukemia, but had worked until three days before his death. 

We should buy his new book, The Longevity Prescription.  We owe him our deepest gratitude.


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