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Yesterday it was two and a half years since I wrote my first 70-something.com blog entry. You are reading my two hundred sixty-fourth post.  Since January, 2008, I have written twice a week.  The average length of each post (now I am guessing) is about 200 words.  That means that I have written about fifty-thousand words, or the equivalent of a short novel. 

I started blogging to document my seventies.  What I can’t believe is that I am one-quarter of the way through that decade.  If I keep it up (and I am compulsive enough to do so), I’ll have written two hundred thousand words when I turn eighty. 

The other night our son Seth asked if I had reserved the domain name for the sequel, The 80-something.com blog.

That made me want to go lie down.


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Warren Cassell

Thought the attached article in The Times today would be of interest:


I can certainly relate to many of your posts and look forward to reading them for a long time.


Warren Cassell (pushing 80)
Portland, Oregon


Oh how I laughed at your son's remark. Just keep writing! Every blessing

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