Employment on My Mind

A Public Apology

In the forty-two years that I have been married to Peter, I have never had a moment of regret (seconds maybe, but never a moment). Peter has been a near-perfect husband and father. With the exception of the (many) times I interrupted him when he was grading exams, he has never raised his voice to me. Although he is very busy in his retirement, he takes care of all our visits by plumbers, cable guys, rug cleaners etc., even when they require a four-hour window for a service call. Peter still thinks I'm beautiful and he loves to hold me. I am lucky and grateful.

So why did I tell him that I was annoyed on Thursday when he used a new bag of Monterey Jack cheese instead of a started one in the same drawer in the refrigerator? Or when I discovered every light in the basement had been left on all day after a plumber's visit that morning. Later, I regretted mentioning either transgression.

So I am asking for forgiveness for my behavior on Thursday and for similar behavior in the future.

After all, I am only human.


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