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How Sweet It Was

What Makes Peter Happy?

I am married to a very good-natured, even-tempered man.  He’s always “fine.”  Unlike me, who can turn grumpy on a dime, the most I’ve heard him complain about is that his 80-year old body doesn’t move as well as it did, in spite of his rigorous exercise regime.  He is as steady as they come. 

Peter was a professor for over thirty years, and the only time(s) he ever appeared annoyed with me was when I interrupted him while he was grading exams.  Grading was about the only thing that put him in a bad mood. 

The other day, his smile was especially bright.  On that day I had had some good news, and I was pretty excited. I asked him why he was in such a good mood.  He replied, “It makes me happy to see you happy.”

And he meant it.


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Katharine Crosson

I like that you appreciate what you have in Peter and don't get obsessed with the little annoyances to be found in any marriage. It is lovely to see a relationship so healthy and happy.

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“It makes me happy to see you happy.”

That's a great attitude, and it's one we all should try to work on all the time, with everybody we meet.

Jim Purdy

I found your blog via link from the "newoldage" blog at New York Times. I was looking for information on looking after my mom who is 83 and needing more support in her life.

Your blog is wonderfully positive and uplifting, I've added it to my RSS feeds so I can read as you add posts!

I'm 56, one of the big milestones for my husband and me this year is seeing our firstborn turn 30. As you posted about your son turning 40, I wonder where all the years went.

Most encouraging is to see you are still happily employed at your university. I just returned to school to finish a degree, and part of me wants to think I'm "too old" and I ask myself "why bother at this age". You help me put those thoughts to rest.

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