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Happier at Eighty-Five?

The Old Neighborhood

Fifteen years ago we moved out of the house our kids grew up in. It was in a wonderful neighborhood, on a quiet street with lots of kids. But our house was too big and too empty after the kids graduated from college. So we left.

On Sunday, there was a pot-luck supper in the old neighborhood for our former across-the-street neighbors, Elaine and Charlie, who are moving after forty-seven years in their home. They had teenage daughters who baby sat for Seth and Jeremy when we moved there. One of those daughters was at the party with her teenaged daughter. Talk about the passing of time…

It was a great reunion. One family that lived there when we did couldn't make it back, but two others did. One former neighbor recalled driving Jeremy to nursery school to the constant refrain of "Tell my mother to pick me up early" when I told her that he now has two children of his own. The people who bought our house from us just had the last of their three boys graduate from college. They said our house had served them well, as it did us. Someone brought pictures from one of our block parties back when we were all so much younger.

With Elaine and Charlie leaving, only three houses will have the same owners as they did when we lived there. But the new people are all nice too.

The evening flew by. There was endless talk about the good old days and we all agreed that we would have to do it again soon.

I'm not going to bet on it.


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