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How Sweet It Was

I have been writing “letters” to our grandchildren since Leo, our first, was born six years ago. I want them to be able to read about how much we loved watching them grow. And I tell them some things about us because if we are lucky enough to see them grown up, we won’t be what we used to be.

Here is part of my latest letter.

“It was three months since we had seen you, and you have changed, as you always do. But this time, we realized that Grady is no longer a toddler. At three and a half, Grady, you are a force. Funny, full of sentences, a Superman in every sense of the phrase, especially in your Superman P.J.’s complete with cape. What is so amazing is that although you guys are two and a half years apart, you’re great friends. At least most of the time. Grady looks up to you, Leo, and you take care of him. Most of the time. And most nights Grady joins you by sleeping in the top bunk in your room.

What made this weekend special is that we took care of you without your parents for twenty-five hours. You were on your best behavior except when Grady wanted to go to the “treeless tree house,” and we thought that was off limits.

When you and I were reading a counting book together, Grady, we realized it had been in the mud, and I had a lot of dirt from it on my Capri pants. I wiped it away with my hands, but you kept finding more and brushing it away. It was a small moment, but one I will treasure. And I’ll treasure seeing you, Leo, so tall and slender, fitting into your mother’s roller blades at age six. You’re not too confident on them, but you’re getting there. We had a good time before Mommy and Daddy left, and after they came home, but the very best was when we got to substitute for them, reading to you and then cuddling with you in the bunk beds at bed time.”

How sweet it was!


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Susan Adcox

It's wonderful to hear from a grandmother who still writes old-fashioned letters! I just reviewed a book about writing letters to grandchildren, from the delightful Anita Bryce, a.k.a. Curly Grandma. I'd love a comment from you about why you choose letter writing in this electronic era.



What a wonderful thing to do regularly. I'm afraid I started when the grandchildren were young. (Didn't send them, just kept them in a folder.....) Nowadays I am sore pressed to do my blog post and catch up with daily stuff. Perhaps I need to think again. Oh, by the way, I love to keep up with the grandchildren via facebook and email. That's great fun.

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