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New Boss (con’t)

My new boss has been on board for eight weeks. I had mixed emotions about giving up "his" position after being the interim boss even though, as I have written before, I did not want the job. I knew I could be helpful to him since I know the ropes, and I wanted him to succeed because I care deeply about the mission of our organization. But I could not predict how it would feel to have a boss who is the age of my children.

We've spent a lot of time together since he arrived. He's smart. He gets it. He has a lot of good ideas. He is moving in measured steps, and he is very consultative with me (and others). He considers me a partner. We are developing trust for one another. All that is good.

But what is even better is that I feel like I have renewed energy, that it's a whole new job, a whole new challenge. I'm seeing things through his eyes at the same time that I am giving him a lot of context and experience. I'm working as hard or harder than ever before, but I feel like I have a new purpose and a new challenge, even while staying at a place I've loved working at for almost thirty years.

Am I lucky or what?


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Michelle Kelley

Hi Judy, I'm so happy to read that the transition with a new boss is going well. I was on the phone with Katie Barrett a couple days ago and we were both wondering how you are doing. I'm so glad I remembered to check your blog. Take care of yourself and I hope that your next post is something about taking lunches and time for yourself. Please say hello to Peter. Love, Michelle and The California Kelley's

Ron Kustek

Having that trust is rewarding on so many levels. A boss that you can work with is essential for success. There should always be a level of understanding between you and your boss, that is the only way things get done!
Glad to hear you found a new challenge and purpose!

Kelly @ Impowerage

I'm glad your boss is working with you so well. It's so great to get paid for doing something you love.

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