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Bold, But Not Brash

After looking at a bathroom floor like the one in your grandmother's house—you know, little black and white squares with a black border—for fifteen years, we finally decided to do our bathroom over. It wasn't just the floor. The vanity drawers either didn't close or didn't open, depending on their mood. The counter top was pathetic in its own way. And we had already replaced the tiles on the shower walls after a plumbing emergency three years ago, fully meaning to do the rest ASAP.

We were efficient about choosing and ordering everything, and had the contractor all set. True, our project started four weeks later than scheduled, but that's to be expected. Once the work started, it was just five days of disruption until the bathroom looked beautiful. A new shower curtain would be the final touch. That was a bit complicated, however, involving six visits to the Marimekko store. But on Thursday night we hung it and everything came together.

When we went on our usual Saturday walk, Peter and I commented on what a difference the shower curtain made, how it was worth all the trouble to get it. Peter called the shower curtain "bold (fearless and daring), but not brash (impudent or saucy)." I walked a few steps thinking about how he characterized the shower curtain and how I wished I could be described that way.

Maybe it's not too late.


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