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Wii and They

We flew to Maryland to see our grandchildren last weekend. They couldn't wait to show us Wii, their latest favorite thing. Although I have heard of Wii, I had never seen one in action.

Our grandchildren use the sports version. For those who haven't had the experience, you can use WII to play golf, baseball, tennis and bowling, and it feels like you are really doing whichever sport it is. If it's bowling, it feels like you are in a bowling alley, complete with lots of players and spectators.

The kids had already made Grammy and Gramps avatars, so we had our own characters, and they actually looked sort-a like us. Anyone could become addicted to Wii, as long as they don't mind losing to their grandchildren. The good thing is that it is not like a computer game—you actually get a little exercise while playing.

Wii represents the modern world of kids' entertainment. But we also went to the Children's Museum. That seemed more familiar—Curious George, old fashioned trains, a grocery store with checkout lines and much more. But, when our daughter-in-law asked our six-year-old grandson to identify one particular item, he was clueless. We were reminded that a lot of things from our generation are completely strange to this one. What was it? A plain black rotary telephone!

There's a big difference between Wii and they.



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