Guest Commentary: The 70-something Blogger’s Spouse on Turning Eighty

False Alarm

Everything turned out fine. But on Friday night I had a reminder that things can change in seconds. At 9:00 p.m., just as I was contemplating whether or not a bag of microwave popcorn might be pretty tasty, Peter said he was bleeding in his mouth. There was quite a bit of blood, and when it didn't slow down, he called our health plan emergency number, and they told him to go to the hospital.

Peter didn't feel dizzy or weak, so I wasn't frantic. Also, he takes a blood thinner, so when he bleeds, he BLEEDS.

It was only minutes until we were at the hospital and he was evaluated (kudos to the emergency room at our local hospital). A very nice nurse said that Peter had bitten his tongue, and that the tongue can bleed heavily because it has a lot of blood vessels. Of course, the initial evaluation was followed by a long wait before seeing a physician. When we finally left the hospital two hours later, Peter had four stitches in his tongue. He was a bit uncomfortable Saturday morning, and his speech was slurred as if he was slightly inebriated. But he was fine.

Going forward, we have to be more careful about biting into the dark chocolate we eat every evening–for our health!

For now, however, we have dodged another bullet.


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