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The father of my two young grandchildren quit his (very good) job. Despite today's very insecure economy, he quit.

One day last fall he had an idea. We always knew that he had an entrepreneurial streak, but his idea became reality in record time. So with no guarantee of anything, but with a good and creative head on his shoulder and a very smart neighbor who is an expert on the Internet, launched on December 7.

Jasmere is a website that offers an amazing daily bargain from well-vetted web boutiques at a huge discount. Clothing, food, gifts and more. Each day, a new surprise. These are not products that have stayed on "shelves" too long. Rather they are fine products that need a broader audience. What's different about Jasmere is that the more people who buy the daily item, the cheaper it gets, and everyone gets it for the lowest price when their credit cards are charged at midnight.

Jeremy and his partner are putting in unbelievable hours to make this happen. People are buying, and although he is far from retiring to a villa on the Riviera, is getting some buzz.

In my generation, you got a good job, you built your career and in the end, you got a gold watch.

Things have changed


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