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How Many More Times?

Peter has a big birthday next month. He is going to be eighty. Although we celebrated with our trip to the Galapagos Islands in January, we will celebrate again by going out to dinner with a few close friends on the Saturday following his mid-week birthday.

When I asked him if he would like to go to a particularly special restaurant we've been meaning to try—just the two of us—on his actual birthday, he wasn't particularly interested. So, I said, "OK, we'll save that for our wedding anniversary."

That started me thinking. We've been married almost forty-two years. He's going to be eighty. How many more anniversaries can we expect? If our luck holds, maybe we'll get to fifty years together. But fifty-five seems like it would be a bit of a stretch. I decided then and there that he and I should have anniversary dinners more than once year, say once a month.

Isn't that a cool idea?


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Kelly @ Impowerage

That sounds like a great idea. When people start dating they celebrate each monthly anniversary, or at least I did. So you might as well enjoy each monthly anniversary celebrations now.

It's a perfect excuse to go out for dinner at least once a month.

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