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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

When I was a child, I had long thick pigtails for many years.  Then one summer, when we were visiting my cousins in Buffalo, my mother and aunt decided I had outgrown them.  Still braided, they cut them off.  Just like that.  My mother kept them in a manila envelope in the dining room buffet for years, I guess trying to keep a piece of her little girl.

Mother had her own beautiful prematurely gray hair cut by Phil, the owner of Phil’s Beauty Salon in Pittsburgh where I grew up.  She took me there for haircuts too.  Phil had to use thinning shears on my very thick dark hair, and I recall heaps of my hair being swept away by his assistant.

Years later, on vacation with Peter, and having just learned that I was pregnant, I was astonished and alarmed by the amount of hair I left in the sink when I combed it  in our bathroom in the Hotel Miyako in San Francisco.  Hormonal change in pregnancy can cause hair loss, explained my obstetrician.  But although my hair never reached its previous volume after Seth was born, I still had more than enough.

Until recently.

Now, when I blow my hair dry, it seems to take less time.  When I asked Kelly, who has been cutting my hair for twenty years, if she noticed any change, she said my hair is becoming finer i.e., thinner.

Another trauma at 70-something!


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