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Since June 30th, I have been doing the job of my former boss Joe along with my own because he took early retirement, and the search for his successor was long. During this time, I have worked harder than an almost-72-year old should. A few things (mostly in my regular job) haven't gotten the attention they deserved, but in general, things have been going well.

Next week, my new boss arrives.

So how do I feel about this? It's the end of something; it's the start of something. I liked the somewhat loftier title I've had these past seven and a half months, even though it has an "Acting" in front of it. I didn't want to be a candidate for his job, but I have to admit I have enjoyed doing it. I have liked being the decider. When I first took over I would often think, "What would Joe do?" But that didn't last long as I grew increasingly confident that I had the right answers.

I have had a more important "seat" at the "table" these months, participating in some high-level meetings that I have enjoyed, and I may miss that. On the other hand, my new boss has a lot to learn, and I see my role as one of helping him to succeed.

I just need to get over the fact that he's young enough to be my son.


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Susan Adcox

Too funny! Before I retired from teaching, I worked under a superintendent who was young enough to be my son. I also had co-workers who had been my students, and I taught the children of my students. It was all eye-opening!

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