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A Tough Question

I often wonder what being almost eighty means to my husband Peter. We can say that fifty is the new forty etc. but no one thinks eighty is not old. 

Does he get up every day, grateful to be alive?  Does he think about the possibility that he could die that day, and if he does, what does it mean to him?  And to those of us who love him? I know, any of us could die any day, but still…

So I asked him.  “Do you think about dying every day?”

His answer was a swift and unequivocal “no”.  “Life is too interesting and there is too much going on.” he said.

And that was the end of that.


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Judy, my husband will be 79 in a few days, and is not in the best of health. He is intelligent, enjoys life, and doesn't really think about his eventual demise. I try not to, either. Yet we know it has to happen some day to both of us! I think I could take care of myself, but I don't believe he could for long. I have made my medical wishes known--he doesn't want to consider signing such things. Some of us live in a fool's paradise, don't we? Always enjoy your blog--wishing good health to both of you.

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