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Grumpy over Christmas

I know that I have no right to complain. Everyone was home for Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday anyway, and it is reasonable for Jeremy and his family to visit his in-laws in sunny California over Christmas. Seth was in Rio (see the guy with the camera in the photo below) reporting Sean Goldman's return to his American father that captivated Brazil and gave Seth a chance to do some reporting for CBS. (Not that he would have come home again anyhow.)

When my assistant Margaret left for the holidays, her long weekend was to be one party after another since most of her large, close family lives nearby. We, however, have never lived near relatives, and it is at holiday time that we wish we did. Our favorite annual Christmas party didn't happen this year, and our second-favorite ended a couple of years ago due to a divorce. I imagine that everyone else is having a wonderful time together (although it is possible that some of them might not be having such a wonderful time together).

We listen to Christmas carols and go to a movie.

And I am grumpy.



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