Doughnuts and Laptops
Dinner for Four

And Now There Are None

One week ago our children and grandchildren all arrived together for Thanksgiving, but there were three separate departures. On Sunday, Katrina and the grandchildren left for home without Jeremy because Jeremy had to be here for a meeting on Monday, and the kids needed to be back for school. Jeremy flew home Monday after his meeting. 

Today Seth left for New York on his way back to Brazil. That was the hardest departure for me because he is so far away, and we have no plans for when we will be together again.  When the kids leave, I feel an ache deep in my stomach no matter what the circumstances.

The refrigerator, bursting at the seams last Wednesday, is almost back to normal.  A smidgen of gravy and a bit of cranberry sauce are the only leftovers remaining.  The sheets are changed and the towels are washed, .folded and stowed away.  The last Lego has been picked up, I think.

Some wonderful images of the long weekend remain.  Almost-six-year old Leo joining me in my stretches is one.  He can bring his knees to his chest effortlessly, unlike me. And then there is our just-three-year-old Grady saying that he was going to paste a "humongous" star on my sweater.  OK, the star was about the size of a quarter, but I did like the word.  I picture the kids all over Uncle Seth whom they adore.  And I am loving the memories of the beautiful bonding between Grady and Gramps.

I am thankful for Thanksgiving


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