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No Ifs, Ands or Butts

I have been thinking a lot about butts lately as part of assessing my aging body. (I'm tempted to say here that I've tried to put all of this behind me.)

In ancient times, i.e., my father's era, the saying "I'd like to have that swing on my back porch" was not an uncommon observation. But swings and back porches are pretty rare nowadays as is that comment. More recently, my half-sister who is ninety-one speaking of her rear told me that she often has the feeling that someone is following her, and then "I realize it's actually me."

I, myself, always had an ample rear end, but lately I've noticed that it seems to have flattened out. I turned to Google for answers. If you search for "aging butts," you get 7, 810,000 hits. I only looked at two. One confirmed that this phenomenon happens to all females of a certain age. The other showed before and after pictures of women, some as young as their early twenties, who have had butt lifts.

Who knew?


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