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The Vacation-less Summer

As I pedal my bicycle to work in the second half of the last month of summer, I am struck by the number of empty parking spaces I pass. Considering that this was a summer-less summer, at least until last week, the whole world seems to be out of town right now, except us.

Sure, we were in Brazil for ten hectic days in April, but there's something about a summer vacation that recharges batteries, and that is just not happening for me this year.

I love my full time job. And I love my boss's job which I have also been doing since the first of July when he took early retirement. That is why I'll be here working and riding my bicycle past empty parking spaces next week while one close colleague is in Peru climbing to Machu Picchu and other colleagues are off to the beach with family or friends.

Oh well, there's always Netflix.


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