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For Better or for Worse, But Not for Lunch

It was my husband Peter who recently reminded me of that wise saying. Although I am not about to retire, it's bound to happen eventually. And when it does, who knows how often we'll both be home at lunchtime. I know that I will be busy doing things I don't have time for now, but do I want to be hanging around with Peter more?

He and I have had a marvelous marriage for forty-one years and ten days. Peter has been retired for four years and, although he misses teaching, he has filled his time with activities that suit him, but don't always take him out of the house for lunch.

My friend Susie and her husband, both retired, seem to manage being together very well. For years they worked together daily in their business. For some couples, that would be the kiss of death. But Susie and her husband both have a great sense of humor, a very active social and community life, and grandchildren to dote on. It sounds as though they never get too much of one another.

So the other night, I asked Susie how they managed to pull off this 24/7-together thing so well. She answered quickly with the story of what had happened that very day. It seems she was on her way to do some errands. Her husband said, "I'll come with you." "OH NO YOU WON'T." said Susie.

Sounds right to me.


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