Searching for Muriel, Part II


While biking to work on Friday, I saw an 80-something woman going for a walk.  Good for her, I thought.  But those clunky leather tie-shoes and old-fashioned shorts framing legs that might have been great at one time but should be covered now, got me to thinking about my wardrobe.

 Summer is pretty late in these parts this year, and since most of my winter and transitional clothes have been cleaned and put away, getting dressed for work in the morning has been a challenge.  Peter, of course, cannot relate.  In the winter, he puts on a long-sleeved shirt and trousers; in the summer, a short sleeved shirt and trousers. If it's a bit cool, he adds a sweater.  For the most part, he wears the same pair of shoes. 

 One rainy day earlier in the week, I decided to wear a white suit.  Of course I would have to cover it with rain paints and jacket for my bike ride, but I thought it would be an upbeat thing to do on such a dreary day.  My white suit is cotton pique.  It is a Calvin Klein.  Mostly, Calvin Klein clothes are youth-oriented, but when I bought it last year, I thought it looked pretty good on me. Of course, standing in a dressing room and looking in the mirror is not the same as walking, sitting at a desk, going up and down stairs, just living your day.

When I wore it to work the first time last year, I realized that the pants were really low-waisted and the jacket barely touched my waist.  The black top I wore was form-fitted and 50% spandex.  Are you beginning to see my problem?  When I bend over or get out of a chair, no matter how quickly I pull down the shirt it is impossible not to have a look at a few inches of my lower back. 

 I asked Peter for his view of this matter at breakfast that rainy morning.  Looking up briefly from his newspaper, he said, "You have a really nice lower back."

 I wore the suit.


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