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My friend Suzanne looked a little sad when she came to work this afternoon. She had just dropped her 12-year old son off at overnight camp. I know that sadness. Both of our boys went to camp for years, and I always had that empty feeling in my stomach that comes with giving responsibility for your children to someone else. However, the thought of eating all the fish we wanted for four weeks helped.

Now things are different. We can have fish all the time. Our kids have lived elsewhere starting with college. But except for Jeremy's year in Chile and Seth's semester in France, they were never more than a short plane ride away until Seth moved to Brazil.

Luckily for us, one of his best high school friends got married in Montreal this past weekend, and he visited us on the way there and back. We had three great days with him. We talked a lot. We cooked his favorite dinners, he took his father to lunch as a late Father's Day present, and I took a day off from work to shop with him for his birthday. We watched some episodes of "In Treatment" and some Red Sox together.

After supper on his last evening here, I did my best to not feel sad. He left at 7:30 the next morning.

I am getting good at not crying, but my stomach ached all day.


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