Merci,Gracias, etc.

 No matter how you express your gratitude, saying “thank you” can be very powerful.  For example, on Thursday afternoon, I sent an email to the facilities department at work, asking them if I could get some help because the crank on my office window had become so tight that it was almost impossible to turn.  It was frustrating enough not to be able to open the window easily, but I kept trying, and each time I tried, my three framed family photos on a shelf in front of the window toppled over. 

I thought a bit of oil would do the trick.

Gina, one of my favorite people in facilities, emailed back saying that someone would fix it before I got to work the next day.  And sure enough, my window opened easily on Friday morning.  I could have sent Gina a quick email, but I decided to run down to her office and thank her in person.  Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. I got a warm “you’re welcome,” and it made me feel great that I had made the extra effort to show my appreciation for her quick response.

 I know how it brightens my day when someone goes out of their way to thank me. I have decided that I need to remember to say thank you more often.  In these somewhat grim times, we all could use a reason to feel good.

And thank you for reading this.




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