Merci,Gracias, etc.


I try to be good about processing news that I'd rather not get.   So when I received a diagnosis of CLL in late May, with its potential for turning to lymphoma in the future, (It could be very far in the future.) I worked at not dwelling on something I couldn't do anything about.  Now there are days when CLL doesn't enter my mind at all.

 At the time of my diagnosis, my internist told me I should see an endocrinologist, but I wasn't sure why until yesterday when I had the appointment.  Sure enough, I have yet another condition that showed up in my blood work.  It seems that my parathyroid is producing too much of something that (to simplify it greatly) is stealing calcium from my bones.  The condition is hyperparathyroidism, and the only cure for it is surgery. Not right now, but at some point yet to be determined.


 I know that more health issues come after you turn 70, but I spend more than ten hours a week exercising like mad to ward off disease and this is the thanks I get? 

I'm now in my processing mode.


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