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Young and Old

Seventy used to be considered old. To those under fifty, it probably still is. But at seventy-one, I don't feel I'm old, at least not very old.

I feel young

  • when I am on my bicycle.
  • when I think of my wonderful Aunt Ruth who is 94 and going strong.
  • on Facebook.
  • when I think about all the things I look forward to.


I feel old

  • when Peter reminds me that he had a job during high school delivering telegrams. (Have our kids ever seen a telegram?)
  • on the beach in Rio in my one-piece bathing suit.
  • because my knees won't let me jog anymore.
  • when I realize that I spend most of my time with people who were not born when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Sometimes I feel old; sometimes I feel young.

But I always feel lucky.


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