Hair (Not the Musical)


I have a wonderful boss. He was my friend before he became my boss thirteen years ago. He is book smart and possesses exceptional social intelligence. I have learned so much from him.

However, he is leaving.

Sure, for a few years he has entertained some offers, but opted to stay. He is at the age now where he has time for one or two more good jobs in his future. And he has been working way too hard for way too long. He's ready to do something different.

My boss has a sense of humor that brightens every day. He's told some folks, "When Judy started calling me 'honey,' I knew it was time to leave." It's true—I probably spend more time with him than with Peter, and I have accidentally called him 'honey' more than once.

How do I feel about this? Do I wish I had taken the buyout that I was offered in April now that things are going to change so much? Not really. I'm not ready to retire. I think I can contribute to this transition. Challenge is good.

But, I'll miss him.


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