Four Generations in a Box


 Nineteen years ago we dropped off our 18-year-old son Jeremy at Amherst College to start his freshman year. By the time he graduated four years later, we had become friends with his friends and their parents. We didn't expect to visit Amherst again, that is until this weekend.

Jeremy and Katrina asked us if we would like to come to his reunion, a shorter trip for us than for them, to hang out with our grandchildren and Jeremy's classmates. That was an easy call, and we immediately booked a B&B reservation.

The Amherst campus, nestled in the Pioneer Valley, was as beautiful as we remembered. Many of Jeremy's friends were there, most with children between zero and six. We walked over from our B&B to meet them, and our grandson Leo spotted us from about a hundred yards away. Within seconds, he was high in the air in Peter's arms. We could have gone home right then and been thrilled with our weekend.

There was entertainment for the kids and the adults. We watched a live animal show and a children's music concert with our grandchildren. We caught up with Jeremy's friends. We read to Grady at bedtime. And we got to take five-year-old Leo to lunch in a restaurant, just Grammy, Gramps and him. Who knew how much fun that could be?

Grady took a liking to the campus' huge statue of Robert Frost seated reading a book, we think because at age two, Grady loves to "read". It was also as hard to get Grady out of the dinosaur museum as it was to get his older brother off the soccer field.

We watched Jeremy play softball with his classmates, sliding into base just as he did in Little League, and wondered if he would still be able to do that at his next reunion.

If we could go back 19 years and drop him off at Amherst again, we'd do it in a second.

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