Brazil II
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Home Again

Home Again

I'm one of those people who often says "Last week at this time we were…" or "A week from now, we'll be…" So, last week at this time, we were walking on Rio's famous Ipanema Beach. It was late fall there—I'd say it was 75-80 degrees, and everyone was beautiful.


I told Peter and Seth, "Next week at this time, it will seem as if we were never away."

And that turned out to be true. There was a day or two at home when we were living on the fumes, so-to-speak. But now our regular routine is re-established, and we have only our memories and photos to remind us of our trip. Although it was not high on my places-I-want to-see-list, I am really happy to have visited Brazil.

Who knows what other great surprises lie ahead?


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