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In New England, spring lasts about ten days.  And they aren’t even ten consecutive days.  We’ll have one day in the sixties followed by a week in the forties.  This pattern repeats itself until we wake up one morning to find that summer has arrived.

That’s why Friday was such a special day.  The temperature reached seventy. With clear skies and a light breeze, everyone looked for an excuse to be outside.  The daffodils and flowering trees burst into bloom.  

Instead of hunkering down over my handlebars on my trip home from work, I rode slowly, peeking into yards along the way. I reminded myself that it wouldn’t be long before the fragrant lilacs would bloom and then at the end of May the rhododendron.

When I turned into our driveway, the bluebells and daffodils were vibrant.  I decided I always wanted to remember how they looked at that moment, and grabbed my camera.

On Saturday, it was cold and gray.

Carpe diem.

Flowers 001 





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