Music to My Ears

Back in Mozart's time, chamber music was played, well, in chambers. But that was more than two centuries ago.

As classical-music-lovers, we have always heard early music either in a concert hall or a church. That is until last Saturday when we were invited to hear a piano, violin and clarinet trio playing in the chamber (aka living room) of the clarinetist. There were ten people in the audience.

The program was Bruch, Milhaud and Mozart. The music wasn't amplified; the players were at most ten feet away. I was thoroughly absorbed in the music. I heard each note. I watched the musicians interact up close and personal.

You won't hear this group at Carnegie Hall. They are just a group of engineers who love to play music together for their friends.

Would I like to live in Mozart's time to attend more such concerts? No, but it sure was fun to visit


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