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Road Trip Script

Family Gathering

When our son Seth said he would be making a quick trip from Brazil to New York last weekend, there was no question that the rest of the family would drop everything and come from Maryland and Massachusetts to see him for 26 hours.


We didn't do the usual New York things like go to museums or plays. We just hung out in Seth's apartment in Jackson Heights. The grandchildren couldn't get enough of Uncle Seth. Neither could I. Not to mention assorted friends who stopped by.


We did venture into Manhattan for dinner Saturday night. Sure enough, more folks dropped into the restaurant including our grandchildren's other grandparents who happened to be in New York City from California.


On Sunday we brought in pastries for breakfast and empanadas for lunch. More people came by. It didn't matter that when we ate the empanadas outside in the garden, the wind blew the hot sauce Peter was shaking on them into our daughter-in-law Katrina's eye.


It also didn't matter that when Seth made Brazilian truffle-like chocolate goodies with his nephews, two-year old Grady picked up the jar of jimmies that the candies were to be rolled in and dumped them into the middle of the chocolate mixture.


The important thing was that we were together.


When it was time to leave, the grandchildren and Jeremy and Katrina piled into one car, and Peter and I into another.


The visit was way too short.


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