Out to Lunch

What Will I Do?

On Wednesday, I will have my first cataract removed. I have heard nothing but happy results (although I have been given written warnings about all the things that could go wrong), and I look forward to seeing better.


This means that I will have six days this month (three for each eye) in which I can do almost nothing. I am forbidden to read, write, watch TV or exercise. I can't bend from the waist, shower or wash my hair.


How will I get through these days?


First what I will not do. I will not think about all the things I need to do that I can't. (Good luck to me on that one.)

I may do the following:


1. "Read" books on CDs.

2. Go for walks.

3. Talk on the phone.

4. Listen to music.

5. Learn a few words of Portuguese.

6. Take baths carefully.

7. Consume several bags of gluten-free pretzels

8. Nap


What would you do?


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Anne Gibert

All of those possibilities sound good except not the pretzels and I'd do German or Finish instead of Portuguese. And I'd write a post or two for my blog in my head. Jerry could take notes for me.

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