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One Down, One to Go

Out to Lunch

I remember when we had lunch hours.  A chance to clear your head, maybe catch up with a friend, or run a quick errand.  Gone.

Now, it’s grab a quick bite at your desk, sometimes not until 3:00 p.m.


So last week when my boss, two colleagues and I had a leisurely lunch out, it was very special.  We walked to a restaurant.  There were other customers, people we didn’t know.  We ordered from a menu and had exotic drinks like pomegranate lemonade.  We talked about family secrets.  We talked about our plans for the weekend.  We talked about the economic crisis and how people we know are scared and worried.  We heard about newlyweds, just into a brand new house, with a big mortgage and an unexpected firing.  We worried about roommates and loved ones and speculated about when things might get better.


We reminisced about old times.  We spent way too much time away from our desks.



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