Flowers, Mostly Green and White

Warning: This is about grandchildren

Our grandchildren live an hour-and-a-half plane ride away which is better than when they lived a three-and-a half-hour plane ride away. We never see enough of them so we miss many of their developmental breakthroughs.


This past weekend was one of our "never let three months pass" visits. Here are five reasons why we had a great time.


1. When we left home for the airport it was 16-degrees, and snow banks made it nearly impossible to get our car out of our driveway. We arrived at the kids' house and the children were playing outside in short-sleeved shirts.


2. Grady, the two-year old had gone from three word phrases in November to elegant full sentences in February. He "reads" books and magazines all the time, including The Economist. Anything with words will do. As he "reads", his mouth silently forms words, whatever they may be.


3. We were there for his brother Leo's 5th birthday party. Leo is now doing a bit of math, and can make up wonderfully imaginative rules for checkers that ensure his victory. When we said good-bye, he whispered "I love you a lot." in my ear.


4. Our grandkids have amazing parents. I don't think we ever had their patience.


5. We had 48 hours of problems left behind, 48 hours of just plain loving children.


It was delicious.



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Such a nice note, thanks! The boys are lucky to have such a great Grammy!

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