Warning: This is about grandchildren


You may have noticed that I don't do a lot of making myself look bad in this blog. But I am far from perfect, and I exhibited my worst self in a conversation with Peter the other morning.


Not to justify my behavior, but at 78, Peter does a lot of "That's what happens when you get older," or "You have less energy as you age," or "Everything takes longer."


Most of the time, I let it go.


But I had had a couple of stressful weeks, and that particular morning I didn't let it pass. Instead, I responded this way. "Please don't make me be as old as you are. When you were 70 like I am, there was no 78-year-old reminding you daily of how much worse it's going to get."


As soon as I said those words, I wanted to take them back. But I didn't.


I am only human.


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Anne Gibert

Oh, well. None of us is perfect. My adorable new husband is 5 months younger that I, and he never lets me forget it. My birthday is on Sunday, and from that time to the 3rd of August I will be 77 while he is 76.

I do think, even though I feel pretty good for my age, that the years between 70 and 80 is a time of diminishing vitality. When I was 73 I went back-packing in New Zealand with a friend. We walked all day with 25 pound packs on our backs and camped out on the beach. I'm not sure I'd be up to that now.

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