It’s the small things…


Birthdays seem to come more often lately. This week I celebrated my 71st, without a lot of fanfare. One year of my 70's is over. I am one year closer to being "elderly," defined as 80 or over, as opposed to just plain "old." I, of course, do not think I am old. Yet.


This is my first birthday since I joined Facebook. I didn't realize that all 62 of my Facebook "friends" got an alert that it was my birthday. So, in addition to the dozen or so friends/family that always send great cards, I got a bunch of birthday emails (and a very nice lunch invitation), from my Facebook friends. That's an unexpected membership bonus.


A birthday card that I received years ago remains on the bulletin board over my desk. It has the following quote from Adlai Stevenson, "It's not the years in your life; it's the life in your years."


Worth remembering.



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marylou miner

Hi...I will contact you on Facebook...I am glad to know the designations continue, senior, old, elderly,ancient, recycle-ready? I guess the list continues...
Glad to have found your blog

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