Ending a Cycle

End-of-Year Inventory

The 70-Something Blog had its first birthday yesterday. Since January 10, 2008, I have posted 104 entries amounting to a total of 1,909 kilobytes or, more meaningfully, 30,017 words.


In my first entry I invited you to join me on a journey into my 70's. I wrote that I would share "my triumphs and my low-points." I expected that I would "write about my parents and being a parent." About "the role of exercise in my life" and "ageing in the workplace." Finally, I announced that I would use the blog to catalog my new wrinkles.


Surprisingly to me, I've blogged on each of those subjects. And I probably will again. But I'll stop predicting while I am ahead. Life is anything but predictable.


Thanks for reading. I hope you will stay with me to see what Year Two brings.


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congratulations! I'm a student and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions for a very short paper I need to write.

What points in your life were the most important to you (as far as perspectives, finding yourself and so on)?


Congratulations on your first year of blogging! Billy said he had a great visit with you. We are hoping to all visit Boston around July 4, will keep you posted.

I also loved the xmas post! 5 years goes by so fast.

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