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End-of-Year Clean-up


Here are three major things I do to prepare for a New Year.


1. Clean the refrigerator.

Our refrigerator is tucked into an alcove and its door can't be opened wide enough

to routinely clean it to my satisfaction. During the holiday break, I have the time to drag the refrigerator out into the middle of the kitchen, remove all the shelves and drawers and clean it with gusto. (And with Peter too, if he will help)


2. Clear my head.

The year-end is also a time to try to clean out my mind—to get rid of some of the year's clutter. To wipe the slate clean, so-to-speak. (Sometimes I can do 1 and 2 at the same time.)


3. Get a head start on next year.

I meet with my staff before the holiday break, and we talk about what worked and didn't work during the year, and what we want to accomplish in the coming year.


This seems to work well for my staff and my refrigerator. I'm not so sure about me.


Happy New Year.



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