End-of-Year Clean-up


I got to thinking about pills this morning because there was an extra capsule (two shades of green) next to my orange juice when I sat down for breakfast. The new pill is an antibiotic that I am taking because one of my big toes is infected. Not a big deal, especially since I only have to take it for a week. The others are a multi-vitamin (older- person version), calcium for bone strength, and a thyroid supplement that seems to change in amount (and color) every time I have my blood tested.


This makes me one of the lucky ones because according to The Complete Pill Guide edited by Lewis A Opler, M.D.,PhD. the average number of prescription drugs taken daily by those who are 70 or older is 6.5. This figure does not include any over-the-counter medicines.


I don't take anti-cholesterol drugs or SSRI's or high-blood pressure medicines. I rarely take an Advil or an aspirin. I don't know if my good health is a result of my compulsive exercising or my insistence on eating at least five servings of fruits or vegetables daily. Maybe it's just plain luck.


It's a good time of year to count one's blessings rather than one's wrinkles.


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Anne Gibert

Though I, too, am in what appears to be good health, I take 7 pills every night. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I stopped taking them. Would I instantly drop dead? Or would I gradually succumb to some progressively debilitating infirmity? Or would I just go along as if nothing had happened. I'm too intimidated by modern medicine to test it.

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