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Bursting with Pride

Possibly the only thing more boring than other people's grandchildren is other people's children. But sometimes you just can't resist. And today is one of those days. The New York Times Travel Section today contains our son Seth's 130th and final "Weekend in New York" column. For two and a half years of Sundays, we could turn to the Travel Section, see his byline and marvel at his knowledge of that great city.


Today, we read how he caught up on some "must do" New York activities that somehow he had missed in his 15 years of living there, like seeing Radio City Music Hall's Rockettes and being in audience of the David Letterman Show. More important to us, for the first time he writes in the first person of the city he loves so much, and there is a big photo of him on his first visit to the Metropolitan Opera where he attended La Traviata.


Within days of completing this last column, he moved to Brazil to write from South America.


He had a great run.


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Anne Gibert

You must be very proud. I know how sad it is to say goodbye. I just said it to my lovely daughter who went back to England where she lives so she could have Christmas with her children, my grandchildren. This will be my first Christmas without them for many years.

Barbara K.

Thanks for posting this. As a result, I read the column, saw Seth's picture, and enjoyed it all.

Teresa (Tess)

I'm sure that New York was wonderful... I love the city... but somehow, I doubt that leaving was the end of Seth's run... maybe it's only just begun... After all, every new beginning is preceded by an ending.

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