Thanksgiving—The Prequel
A Quiet House

Thanksgiving—The Sequel

The cranberry-orange sauce was in its usual white souffle dish, the turkey on the used once a year wedding-gift platter. All the traditional foods on their usual serving dishes.


It's Thanksgiving Day at our house.


The time-worn recipe cards had been on the kitchen counter for days—what could be made ahead was in the refrigerator or freezer. The size, time and temperature of cooking of all of our turkeys have been duly recorded on the roasted turkey page (235) of "From Julia Child's Kitchen" annually since 1987. The sizes ranged from 14 – 24 lbs. Once again the calculation was made. This year's bird at 14.95 lbs was done right on schedule after 3.5 hours.


Thanksgiving is a labor of love, and I get my reward as both of our boys fill their plates for the third time, and Seth proclaims it the best meal of the year.


I don't take Thanksgiving for granted any more. Each time that I see the next generation and the generation after that around our Thanksgiving table, I feel the passing of time, and I realize how grateful I am that we are all together once again.



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