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Blackberry Update

My new Blackberry is five weeks old today. Because I have been critical of other people's use of their "smart phones," I'm a bit embarrassed to report that I am loving mine. Instead of having to cram a Palm Pilot and a phone into my handbag, I have this slick 3.9 oz. item that does all the things they both did plus lets me deal with my email and browse the Internet. No longer do I have to stand idly in line in the supermarket or twiddle my thumbs if I'm the first person to a meeting. No longer do I have to run upstairs to check email at home.

Of course, there is a learning curve for new users, and I have had to call the Verizon help line a couple of times with my questions. And although I'm not as speedy as the next generation, my ageing thumbs are already typing away reasonably fast.

I heard that President-elect Obama will have to forego his Blackberry because his email messages would not be secure and they would not be saved for posterity (or investigations). I sympathize with his distress.

Yesterday, I replied to an email from our son Seth with my Blackberry. He responded immediately with the following message, "Love the Blackberry—you're so modern."

Modern? Yes. Also addicted.


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