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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

In the past thirty-three years we've lived in two houses. The first, where we brought up the kids was our home for twenty years. We downsized to our current house thirteen years ago. In both neighborhoods we have made some very good friends.

Our current across-the-street neighbor went to Stockholm for the Nobel Prize ceremony a couple of years ago. He wasn't a recipient, but he was a winner's guest. Our neighbor enjoyed all the tux and tails elegance complete with someone devoted only to him to make sure that his every need was accommodated during his stay. The awards dinner itself involved 210 waiters walking down sweeping curved stairways, removing tray covers simultaneously for 1300 guests with the precision of a ballet troupe. At least that's how I remember his story.

This week we learned that our across-the-street neighbor from our first house was invited to Stockholm as a guest of a 2008 Nobel Prize recipient.

Now, how many people do you know who have had across-the-street neighbors in two different neighborhoods get invited to Stockholm as a guest of a Nobel Prize winner?

Wouldn't you like to be our neighbor?


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