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Old Talk/Young Talk

Our great next door neighbors are about our age. We make it a point to get together in front of their fireplace or on our patio, depending on the weather, at least once a month for a one-hour "cocktail." We discuss the latest campaign news; we discuss our children and their children. We laugh a lot.

But we also talk old talk, e.g., what it might be like to move into an apartment when the house maintenance stuff becomes overwhelming. Or we discuss the latest health news and what we are doing to stay healthy.

On the other hand, at my job, I talk young talk. I am more than twice as old as many of the graduate students I hang out with much of my work day. They are young, energetic, hoping to make the world a better place. They talk about their accomplishments and their dreams. They come to me for help in sorting out their concerns. I help them. They thank me. I love my job, and unlike me, it never gets old.

So I spend time talking old and time talking young. It's a good balance.


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